AI contract review for busy legal teams

Pincites helps in-house teams redline contracts faster and more consistently, right in Microsoft Word.

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An AI assistant embedded in Microsoft Word

AI-generated redlines and comments based on your preferences. Fully integrated into Microsoft Word.

Scan an agreement for potential issues in seconds. Use Pincites-provided checks or write your own.

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Playbook management

Powered by your playbook

You’re in control of the redlines Pincites suggests. Use your existing guidance, our industry-standard checks, or work with us to create a new bespoke playbook.

Powered by your playbooks.
Pincites’ AI suggestions come from the guidance in your playbooks.
Augmented with Pincites’ check library.
Pincites provides 250+ industry-standard contract checks.
No playbook? No problem.
We’ll help you build one based on an AI analysis of your past agreements.
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